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Our daughter has been attending Norwood Open School since she was an infant. The classrooms are beautiful and orderly, providing opportunities for meaningful play in a fun and engaging space. The outdoor area is huge, and Jamie has designed a clever nature-based play area. Jamie & Jennifer communicate with the children in a respectful and kind way and with an admirably calm demeanor no matter the situation! While the focus is on learning and building skills, there is so much fun and joy happening- mudpies and handmade crafts and silly songs. The school is an environment built on respect, authentic affection, and community; we are so happy to be a part of it!


Jamie taught our daughter starting at 15 months. I could not have asked for a more thoughtful teacher. We love the way she communicates with the children; so calm, respectful and mature. It makes kids feel at ease and respected, even at their youngest. She sets up a beautiful environment for children and is so attentive to their needs. We love her as a teacher and wished more teachers interacted with children like Jamie does.


Jamie is wonderful! We worked together at a Montessori school in Portland for quite some time – she was an excellent guide to our students and had immense patience. Jamie also has an incredible sense for what types of learning activities would be interesting for kids in the 1-6 age group, often making materials herself, to help students learn life skills such as folding towels or opening and closing snaps, buttons, zippers, and velcro.

I would trust Jamie with my child in a heartbeat, and know that she is extremely dedicated to creating a wonderful learning environment, focused on child needs, opportunities for learning, and school organization to assist in keeping parents updated and involved in their child’s development.


Jamie has a wealth of knowledge in early childhood development. She cared for my son when he was a baby with serious health issues. I’ve had confidence and trust in her always. She is an all around beautiful human being and has a natural gift with little ones.


I have had the honor to have worked with Jamie Pettit and found that her calm teaching skills is very refreshing and is what our children need. She is patient and caring of the children. I highly recommend her as a teacher!


Ms. Pettit has a true love of education for the youngest and most important members of the community. The first years are unique in that the whole personality is shaped and nurtured. If you are looking for an authentic experience, look here.


My entire family have had the pleasure to experience Norwood Open School. Jamie Pettit is a delightful, intelligent, and caring woman. I am thankful to have had her be a part of my children’s lives.


Jamie was my child’s teacher when she was 2 and was wonderful. She was a calm, caring presence in my daughter’s life, and i recommend her without reservation.


Fantastic school for infants and toddlers. We love our experience with Jamie so much!


The Montessori Way!

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